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Additional Services Offered

Get these services done while you’re away!

We Offer these services at our Redwood location only:

  • Auto Washes and Detail Services
  • Lube, Oil and Filter Changes*
  • Glass Repair and Replacement
  • Laundry Services

Ask staff for prices
* We guarantee these services if your stay is longer than 48 hours with us.

30 Day punch cards:

  • Self-park: $199
  • Open Valet: $299
  • Canopy valet: $399

In a hurry? Skip the cashier!

We offer monthly passes which can be used on our automated system

Self-park uncovered $150
Open Valet $250
Canopy Valet $325
Covered Valet $380

Frequent traveler program (available at the Redwood location only)

After 15 stays you can choose one of these free reward options:

  • Up to (4) days of parking
  • (1) Works wash from on-site detail shop
  • (1) lube/oil/filter change
  • (1) Night of pet boarding

North Temple location has no cashier available. Monthly cards for this location can be purchased at our Redwood office 50 South Redwood Road Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

Monthly Self-park uncovered: $150
Monthly Self-park covered: $234

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